Udruženje inženjera konsultanata Bosne i Hercegovine

1 Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development

New approach in Urban Infrastructure Planning Strategies will try to answer the question: What are the opportunities, challenges and risks of integrated solutions in sustainable infrastructure and urban development?

In the region with declining population numbers, it is still cities that attract people, mainly because of the „higher quality of life“. When asked to describe this expected rise in life quality, people most commonly use words mobility and accessibility. Previous puts priority task to planners and policy makers – to create an urban development model that will enable existing and new urban developments to be mutually linked and accessible, and to upgrade the potential for serving the mobility needs generated by means of passenger transport.
In line with the above, the main goal of the Conference is to bring together stakeholders and leading experts in the region, in the area of spatial and infrastructure planning and related disciplines, to exchange their knowledge, practices and ideas, as well as problems they encounter on every day basis, related to the overall urban planning and development via traffic planning, in order to make transport and means of transport more efficient.

TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: sustainable urban and traffic planning, future mobility and accessibility, EU planning directives, digitalisation, the greening of urban transport (cycling and walking), SUMP's, multi-modal transportation, infrastructure and infrastructure recycling, models of financing, inter-urban connectivity, innovation in traffic efficiency…

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