Udruženje inženjera konsultanata Bosne i Hercegovine


PROYAPI is a multi-disciplinary international professional consulting firm with a wealth of experience in the delivering of successful projects throughout the world. Since its first establishment in 1994, the company has progressed while creating a unique reputation among the development agencies and the development banks.

PROYAPI is headquartered in Ankara, Turkey with five branch offices; İstanbul / Turkey, Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina, Baku / Azerbaijan, Kuwait City / Kuwait, and Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan. Through our capacity in innovation and strong technical approach, we respond to the needs of Our Clients by offering solutions and acknowledged know-how in the areas of Highways, Motorways, Railways, Light Rail Systems, Water Structures, Marine & Coastal Projects, Superstructures and other infrastructures

PROYAPI provides technical assistance and engineering & consulting services for Government Agencies, International Financing Institutes, Multinational Development Banks, Communities and other stakeholders. Our services include feasibility studies, planning, engineering design, detailed design, procurement assistance, specifications development, drafting of terms of reference, tendering assistance, contract management, PIU support, design review and construction supervision / management.

PROYAPI has on-going and completed projects in Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Albania and Cyprus.

PROYAPI had developed various management systems that have been tested and adopted in various institutions in project management, construction supervision and design services. PROYAPI is internationally ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

PROYAPI’s detailed fields of activities are as follows:

Highway and Motorway Design, Engineering and Construction Supervision Services;
• Motorways, highways, roads alignment design,
• Grade separated and at grade intersection designs,
• Bridge, viaduct and tunnel design,
• Culverts and retaining structures design,
• Drainage design,
• Hydrological and hydraulic studies,
• Lighting, traffic signs and road marking and signalization design,
• Intelligent Transportation Systems design
• Tunnel Electrical and Mechanical systems design
• Preparation of tender documents, technical specifications and works contract
• Construction supervision services

Railway, Light Rail Systems and Metro Design, Engineering and Construction Supervision Services;
• Track alignment design,
• Electrification, Signalling and Telecommunication System design,
• Depot area design,
• Station architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical design,
• Drainage design,
• Hydrological and hydraulic studies,
• Track alignment and signalization design
• Preparation of tender documents, technical specifications and works contract
• Construction supervision services

Dams and HEPP Design, Engineering and Construction Supervision Services;
• Preliminary studies and reports,
• Feasibility studies, loan application reports,
• Preliminary, final and detailed design and construction drawings,
• Preparation of tender documents, specifications and contracts,
• Site organization and planning,
• Consulting services for selection of machinery, equipment and construction methodology and
• Project management, work planning, scheduling and supervision services,
• Construction supervision services

Superstructure Projects;
• Architectural projects,
• Reinforced-concrete and statical projects,
• Lighting, electrical and mechanical projects,
• Construction supervision services

Infrastructure Projects;
• Sewerage systems,
• Potable water systems,
• Stormwater drainage systems,
• Waste water projects,
• Construction supervision services

Geological and Geotechnical Studies;
• Soil investigation studies,
• Landslide investigations and solutions,
• Geological and geotechnical reports.