Udruženje inženjera konsultanata Bosne i Hercegovine


Curricula innovation in climate-smart urban development based on green and energy efficiency with the non-academic sector (SmartWB) Project: 101081724 — SmartWB — ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE http://www.smartwb.ucg.ac.me/ About the project In this unprecedented era of increasing urbanization and the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and […]

Conference: SINARG 2023, 14 – 15 September, Niš

This conference's primary goal is to present contemporary achievements in science and practice in the field of architecture and civil engineering. The wish of the organizers of the conference is to provide participation of domestic and foreign professionals in theoretical and experimental research of the process of design, project management, construction, and maintenance of buildings […]

FIDIC Modul 4: “FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration”

Udruženje konsultanata inženjera BiH (UKI BiH/ACE BH) u suradnji sa FIDIC-om, organizuje FIDIC trening Modul 4:“FIDIC Contracts Management and Administration”, koji će se održati 13. i 14. aprila 2023. Predavanja na seminaru će održati akreditovani međunarodni FIDIC-ov predavač, gospodin Zoltan Zahonyi. Seminar će se održati u Sarajevu, hotel Holiday. Na kraju obuke učesnicima će od strane […]